Simhachalam Temple – A Wonderful Experience

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After relaxing for a while and having our coffee, we then decided which sites to visit. After much discussions and opinions, it was decided to start the exploration of the city with a temple – Simhachalam temple.

So we refreshed and had our breakfast in the room, and then went out for the temple. We booked a cab, which was to serve us and take us around for the rest of our stay. The cab was waiting for us, and soon we headed for the temple. We were told that the temple was located at a 45 minutes drive from our hotel.

The famous temple is sited at the top of a hill, and is said to be the domicile of Varaha Narasimha Swami, and thus, the hill itself is known as (nara) simhachalam.

Simhachalam – the hill of the lion is referred as the 11th century temple of Lord Narasimha, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple is considered very sacred and devotees in huge number visit this temple from various parts of the world all through the year.

We cheered loudly when we realized that there was a trekking route available for people who love trekking. It was accessible from Madhavadhara side. It took us two hours to climb and reach atop with those steep natural stone steps. That was a great experience for the three of us who opted trekking. Rests two were coming from an easier route and waited for us at the temple. It was a striking view of Vishakhapatnam city and on one side and temple view from other at the hill top.

We reached the temple premises in the expected duration, and offered our homage to the deity. The image was much similar to a Shivalingam that was covered with sandal paste. We were told by some devotees that only once during a year, during the event of ‘Chandana Visarjana’ that this sandal paste is removed and pilgrims can see the image. We were observing the art work that resembled with that of Konark temple. Images of elephants, flower patterns and plants were portrayed in bounty. On the outer walls were depicted images of the King Narasimha in different postures.


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