SRC Vivek Express – The Thirty-Hours Long Journey

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Travel is like a drug to me. When I haven’t gone travelling for duration of a few months, I crave for it and need a travel fix. Travelling just calls to me and I know that I need a quick break from my routine to redeploy and refocus. And when I return, not even me, but everyone around me can see positivity within me. We usually prefer budget travel, so reserved our tickets for our train travel from Mangalore to Vishakhapatnam by Src Vivek express.

SRC Vivek Express
SRC Vivek Express | Image Resource :

Travel has come in almost all its shapes and sizes. I’ve been on a super short trip to my neighboring state; a two week long vacation to the country; and even longer vacation to various regions. The thing that matter is a nice place to travel, that rejuvenates me, that’s all I need- the size and shape of the trip are than secondary.

If people say that I’ve become extremely comfortable in my own neighborhood or workplace, I give the credit to this spirit of adventure that is buried somewhere within me. Travel is an encounter with the unknown, something that is not so predictable, and it releases me from my stress, letting me escape, explore, and disappear into a new environment. And when I travel with my buddies, it just refuels my curiosity, creativity and imagination.
So, just to have this experience again, I and my four buddies decided to move out on a trip to Vishakhapatnam; that is also called as “the Goa of the East Coast. It is the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh.

It was a long train journey taking around thirty hours to reach to our destination. src Vivek express was scheduled to depart from the Mangalore Railway station at 22:45pm and we were to reach at Vishakhapatnam on the third day at 4:30 in the morning. We all packed our bags with all the essentials, and reached the station on the expected day, on time. The train was running as scheduled, and we occupied our accommodations in the train, that was our home for the next two days. Settling ourselves, we were hoping for a great trip ahead.


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