List of the Top Healthy Foods in India

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Health is a major concern for most people who live in the cities of India. I have always wondered what foods are truly healthy. While my parents kept persuading me to have certain foodstuffs, I never knew what health benefits they offered. Here I have come up with a list of some truly healthy food options for people living in India.

Healthy Foods in India
Healthy Foods in India | Image Resource :


My mother kept telling me to have almonds, as it is good for the brain. These nuts are truly rich in vitamin E and several other minerals. An ounce of almond can provide for 12% of the required daily protein intake. These are ideal for people who have high blood pressure. It is also ideal for protecting your heart and reducing cholesterol in your body.


‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is one of the first proverbs we learn. Apple contains proteins, which carry anti-inflammatory properties, which protect you from allergies. Apple provides a soluble fibre pectin, which helps to reduce cholesterol in your blood. It is also a great fruit for people suffering from respiratory diseases.


Berries come in many distinct and vibrant colours. All these berries are rich in potent antioxidants. They are also rich in cell repairers and instant healers. Berries are thus ideal for an individual’s health. Berries also sharpen the brain and memory. Blueberries are known to control body weight.

Green Leafy Vegetables

The rich cuisine of India includes several dishes made out of green leafy vegetables. The body needs minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium. The green vegetables are rich in these minerals. Iron plays a key role in boosting energy and blood. Magnesium and calcium help to strengthen your bones.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been one of my favourite chocolates. I even love dark chocolates with nuts in them. It is recently that I came to know that dark chocolate happens to be a rich source of magnesium. Dark chocolates are also extremely rich in antioxidants. It is also known to be a very good antidepressant.


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