Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa, Bhubaneswar, Orissa – A Pristine Shrine

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Visiting Duduma Waterfall in the Koraput district was a very big decision we all made. Firstly the place was far off from the city and we had to travel a lot just to reach there. Secondly we had less time for the entire trip so visiting places outside Bhubaneswar was not possible for literally. Nonetheless we all were contented and happy with our decision of making it up to Koraput and especially tot the Duduma waterfall. We came back from the town and decided to stay in the hotel for a rest day. On the sixth day we again started with our trips and rides within the city. We decided to make a visit to the Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa which is one of the best and a striking part of the entire state of Orissa.

Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa Bhubaneswar Orissa
Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa Bhubaneswar Orissa | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa is some 8 kilometers from the central Bhubaneswar. Town buses go there straight. There are also some tourist buses which takes the visitors directly to the location and makes round trips there for an entire view. We decided to go with the former and then hired an auto which drove us to the foothills of the Dhauli.

The shanty stupa is located near the river banks of Daya. There are splendid edicts of King Ashoka embossed on the walls of the stupa. The shrine was created by King Ashoka as a mark of respect to humanity. He started with his preaching of Buddhism right after the disaster when many people were killed in the Kalinga war. Kalinga was the erstwhile name of Odisha. The Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa field was a battle ground during those years and the river Daya was turned into complete red color with the blood of the innocent people who died during the war. King Ashoka actualized the pain and sufferings of the people and finally decided to stop all wars and go for Buddhism. It was after this war only that Samrat Ashoka spread Buddhism in all parts of the country.

As we went round the shanty stupa, we could discover several other temples and other lookout places near it. It was a wonderful experience at Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa and we enjoyed it to the deep.


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