Kalijai Temple, Odisha – Get a Slice of Nature amidst Chilika Lake

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It was the fourth day of my stay in Odisha. By far my stay in Odisha was more than just enjoyable. I had enjoyed a good time on the sea beach of Puri, in the Jagannath temple and had also managed to make a visit to the Nandankanan zoological park in the city. After such wonderful and pleasurable delights in the state, we decided to taste more of it and finally zeroed in on visiting Chilika Lake. The lake has the largest lagoon in Asia and there is the Kalijai temple amidst the lake which makes it even more popular. We hired a car from the travels from Bhubaneswar and managed to visit Kalijai on the fourth day of our stay in Bhubaneswar.

Kalijai Temple Odisha
Kalijai Temple Odisha | Image Resource : mw2.google.com

The Chilika Lake stretches across the districts of Ganjam, Puri and Khurdha and join the Bay of Bengal through a narrow mouth. The entire lake is spread across 1,100 square kilometers and there is also one sanctuary found here. In the heart of the Lake Chilika, there is the temple of Goddess Kalijai which is located on the top of a small island. One can reach the Kalijai temple through a motor boat that joins from Balugaon. The temple is also one of the famous picnic spots of the state.

Outside View Of Kalijai Temple Odisha
Outside View Of Kalijai Temple Odisha | Image Resource : panoramio.com

It is one of the major holy shrines of the country and an epitome of Hinduism. People from many parts of state and from other states come to Kalijai just to have a glimpse of the Goddess. A visit to Kalijai also marks the belief that all your wishes are fulfilled. Moreover the place is just beyond plain spirituality. The flora and fauna across the Lake Chilika is worth watchnng. For people like us who are more into work and seldom enjoy the natural resources, the place is a very good escape.

We traveled by a boat to visit the temple of Kalijai. After a very good worship, we came back to the shore again via boat. We also enjoyed some quality time in Chilika. We waited till evening just to have a glimpse of the various colorful migratory which fill the entire environment with a beautiful ambience.


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