Hotel Arya Palace, Bhubaneswar – An In-Class City Residence

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We arrived at Bhubaneswar on a Monday morning. It was the month of February and the winter was about to move from the city. It was a pleasant morning and we reached at the station on time after a long journey of more than 24 hours. As we reached the station, we decided to move for the best hotel in the city, which could provide us decent accommodation at good price. The Hotel Arya Palace, Bhubaneswar is one such dwelling place in the heart of city, which takes care of all the needs of both business and leisure travelers. It is located quite close to the railway station and amidst one the busiest roads of the city, Janpath, Ashok Nagar.

Hotel Arya Palace Bhubaneswar
Hotel Arya Palace Bhubaneswar | Image Resource :

There are major tourist attraction centers close to the hotel. More than that, the hotel stands on a convenient side of the road. The two major squares in the city namely, Master Canteen square and Raj Mahal square are located quite close to the hotel and therefore, we got auto and city bus services from there quite easily. The central market building is also quite close to the hotel and it gave us a good hint of shopping when we were not feeling like traveling. The market building is just at a walkway distance from the hotel.

The hotel has three categories of rooms, namely Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe. We had already booked for the low-cost rooms as we were on a budget tour. The rooms were elegantly well-maintained with all luxurious sophistications, including a mini bar, refrigerator, air conditioner, LED television set, room heater, tea/coffee maker, Jacuzzi, telephone line and free Wi-Fi connection. The housekeeping staff and the hotel staff are highly courteous and gratifying. They are always ready to help you and look after every little thing during your stay in the house.

Apart from the well maintained rooms in the hotel, there is a very good restaurant just below the hotel, which is a branch of the Hotel Arya Palace, Bhubaneswar. The restaurant served us taste satiating good food, which made our stay there quite enjoyable.


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