Puri Beach – Visit Milky White Sea here

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It was day three and after having spent a fabulous day at the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar on the previous day, we again decided to make a trip to Puri. Unfortunately we had missed the chance to visit the Puri Beach when we were there at Puri to visit the Jagannath temple on the first day. Since we had traveled from our hotel very late and it took 2 hours to reach at Puri, we had to come back to hotel early. So we made out a plan and decided to go to the Puri Sea beach solely for the purpose of merry making and fun.

Puri Beach
Puri Beach | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Puri Sea beach is actually Bay of Bengal in the east. The beach is a sandy serene place which is marked by several tourists and visitors on a single day. Since the foreign tourists are not allowed into the Jagannath temple, they manage to spend their time on the beach itself, and believe me, its lot of fun on the beach!

The beach sprawls across a large water body. We saw few people even taking dips and diving in the sea just for fun. There are sailors and fishermen whose rigorous work can also be seen as they go deep within the sea on their boats to catch fishes. It is said that the sea current is quite heavy towards the depth and one should not go near it. We adhered to the rules and managed to have the fun at the bay only.

As the view was getting splendid hour by hour, we decided to wait till the evening. When the sun was setting, the sky was spread with crimson red color from everywhere. There are various shops opened up on the beach itself. We could also locate several sea food stalls that sold sea food fried right in front of our eyes. The taste was so yummy that I could not resist myself asking for more. Perhaps it was the best fried sea food I had ever eaten.

We moved beside the beach and I could see several multi-starred hotels that stood up right beside the sea beach. The hotels presented a very good place for dwelling. It was a nice evening and we returned back to our hotel in the night.


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