Khasbag Maidan – A Significant Ground of Kolhapur

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Our next destination in the Kolhapur district was the Khasbag Maidan. This “maidan” is an extraordinary ground and it is quite rare to find such place anywhere else. This ground is now famous for some muscular wrestling bouts, especially from those wrestling events between the contenders from north and their Maharashtra counter parts.

Khasbag Maidan Kolhapur
Khasbag Maidan Kolhapur | Image Resource :

The ground was actually developed by the rulers of Kolhapur region to hold the exciting Elephant battles, which was a favorite royal game of its time

We reached the famous Rajarshi Shahu Kashbag wrestling ground, as it is originally named, located towards the west of the drama Theatre. Now, we were witnessing the ground that was used for the wrestling competitions. The competition can be viewed by thousands of spectators from the open space surrounding the main battling ring. It was interesting to know that though the ground was famous for the muscular competitions, many singing programs and cine artist’s performances are also conducted on the ground.

We entered the ground that has seen many small and medium competitions from a long period. The ground holds an honorable place for the people in this field.

We roamed about the round ground. All the competitions and performances are held in the central place. The seating arrangement was slanting so that people sitting at the farthest place can also witness and enjoy the game. But, owing to this arrangement, the ground was looking like a round concave bowl. The stage was covered by a pavilion ad the entire ground was surrounded by raised steel podium so as to keep the spectators at a distance from the stage. It is important in terms of safety, when such a large crowd is present.

The ground has five entrance gates but the main entrance is from the east.We were visualizing how the ground would look when filled by thousands of people, hooting and shouting for their favorite contender. Suddenly, saurabh posed as a wrestler on the stage and told Rishabh to click his picture. That was just the beginning and we continued to make such poses and clicked numerous pictures. We also decided to come over this place when any important competition would occur.


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