Hotel Jotiba in Kolhapur – Stay with Comfort and Prompt Services

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We reached the bus stand of Kolhapur on time. It was a cold early morning at a new and fabulous tourist destination. We hired a taxi and headed for our pre-booked hotel- hotel Jotiba, Kolhapur

On our way, we were looking at the not so active city at those early wee hours. It was giving a fresh breeze of calmness and peacefulness. We were a bit tired because of the overnight journey, but were excited at the same time to visit Kolhapur, that is also known by the name “Dakshin Kashi” for its elevated Religious and Spiritual significance.

Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur
Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur | Image Resource :

We reached the hotel in a while and were greeted by friendly and genial staff. We completed the formalities of the hotel desk and walked towards our rooms. One of the hotel staff ushered us to our rooms along with our luggage. We entered the pleasing rooms that were well facilitated with all the basic amenities. We were tired and were missing our morning coffee, so we ordered strong coffee for all of us that can boost our energy to get going for the rest of the day. The staff was well versed in English and we had no problem in conversing with them, which was a major point of concern for us, as none of us knew the local language. Meanwhile, we continued with our routine tasks.

The service was quick and we were soon delivered with our strong coffee. While sipping the energy beverage, we made the plan for the rest of the day. We all agreed to have some rest post breakfast and then start our exploration of the city.

Saurabh ordered the breakfast from the telephonic service that was provided in the room, and I switched on the television. The other two were chatting while spreading over the cozy and comfortable bed.

Soon, we were provided with our breakfast (which was complimentary from the hotel- hotel Jotiba, Kolhapur …great, isn’t it?) and we hogged on it. It was a long time since we shared such small moments together and we all were truly enjoying it already. After breakfast, I and Saurabh shared one room, and John and Ritesh moved to the adjacent room to relax.


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