Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary – An Encounter with Nature

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On the very next day, we all got up early to explore more of the beautiful city Kolhapur. We decided on our next destination to be Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary.

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary Kolhapur
Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary Kolhapur | Image Resource : wordpress.com

We hired a cab which was facilitated to us by the hotel. The driver was a local and was well aware of all the places of the region. He also knew English to an extent that we could understand. It was sort of fun to understand his English which was amalgamated with the local language. But he was a nice guy who told us a lot about the sanctuary.

Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary was situated in the catchments region of the two reservoirs- the Rajarshi Shahu Sagar and Laxmi Sagar. This was the first wildlife sanctuary in the entire Maharashtra state, which was established in the year 1958.

This sanctuary, developed for the protection and preservation of wildlife, provides a home to Indian Bison, so is also known as “Bison Sanctuary”. We reached there in a while and were all set to witness some exclusive flora and fauna. Ritesh was ready with his camera, to click pictures of the wild animals. He was always a nature lover, and could have been a great professional photographer.

On entering the sanctuary, we realized that it was quite huge, extending up to an area of 351.16 sq.km ( as we were told). The terrain was rusty and undulating having some steep escarpments. Four rivers drain this area leaving it a very fertile and apt for animals. While our expedition, we came across some wild animals like Jackal and Hyena. We had our eyes focused on the land spread in front of us, searching for some wild species in the diverse vegetation, when suddenly, we heard some bustling over a tree, and then we saw an imposing Leopard that was staring at us. Though the animals here were a little used to these peeping tourists. We also got to witness a herd of Spotted Deer, some common Langur, a Wild boar, Porcupine Hare, Wild dogs and some tall bison.

We also visited and had fun at the Randhanagari Dam, which is also a famous tourist place here.


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