Rankala Lake – A Great Place to Hang Out

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While hogging on to the delicious food in Kolhapur, we planned our next destination- the Rankala Lake. We hired an auto rickshaw, and headed towards the Lake.

Rankala Lake Kolhapur
Rankala Lake Kolhapur | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Rankala Lake is a significant tourist place in Kolhapur that holds historical as well as cultural connotation. It is a hang out place for tourists and locals; and also attracts cinema shooting and artists. In the vicinity are the Shalini palace and Shantakiran studio where cinema shooting can be seen, with prior permission of-course.

None of us had interest in witnessing the film shootings; rather we were more inspired by the large lake that was spread in front of us. At the centre of the lake was a temple of Rank Bhairav .We further found that the name of the lake is named after this god.

Rankala choupati has emerged on the banks of the lake and is very attractive among locals and tourists. We reached the place in the evening when there was much hustle bustle of people. In that pleasant evening atmosphere, people were enjoying the snacks by local vendors, children were shouting, some were enjoying the boat ride in the lake. There were also the adventure of horse riding and many children were waiting to get their chance to ride. There was also a park nearby, and people were relaxing and enjoying the pleasant evening along with their family and friends. Children were playing in the park, running and laughing. The place is no doubt, a favorite spot for children.

We were strolling alongside of the lake. Saurabh wanted to have ice-cream and we all joined him with that. We were feeling like our old school days were back, it was so nostalgic. We also went for boating in the lake that was certainly an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!! The cold water of the lake was splashing over us and the breeze was crossing from our hair, and flock of birds was hovering over us in the sky- everything was just awesome.

After having a fine boat ride, we entered the garden. A group of boys were playing cricket, and we also joined them for a while. It was a pleasurable evening.


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