Kolhapur Mutton Curry – A Must Have Dish

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When we moved out of the temple, it was time for lunch and we were very hungry. But as Kolhapur is well known for its unique taste of food, and we being the biggest foodies of all times, we looked for some restaurant. On finding one, we entered in it and were instantly captured by the powerful and tempting aroma of the food. The attendants of the restaurant were quick to notice us and guided us to a vacant table and provided us with a menu card, so that we make our choice.

Kolhapur Mutton Curry
Kolhapur Mutton Curry | Image Resource : i1.ytimg.com

The restaurant was almost full to its capacity, besides having a huge seating capacity. We were extremely hungry, and once grabbing our respective seats, were gestured the waiter to come to us and take the order. Our different sense of dressing, mannerism and one big camera hung around Ritesh’s neck were enough for them to figure out that we were not locals.

In a characteristic tone of the place, he suggested us some popular dishes of Kolhapur, almost all of which were non vegetarian, containing mainly mutton. We asked him to serve a little portion of almost all dishes so that whatever dish we like, we can order again. That was not a bad idea…what say?

Soon, the table in our front was spread with a variety of dishes. I am sure, the people around us must be thinking that we were famished people who have not eaten for weeks. Ritesh was indifferent to all those peeping eyes, clicked a few pictures of the food, and started eating.

The mutton curry was the amazing dish that stood out amongst the rest. It was cooked mutton pieces in a deliciously spiced red curry. The aroma of the dish and that mouth watering taste still lingers in my mouth. An excessive use of spices in the gravy is a trait of Kolhapuri food and this makes it so distinguished. I was pleased to sample this gravy dish. Mutton curry was the only cuisine that we ordered three times and John even got four parcels packed to have it in dinner.


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