Bus Travel from Mangalore to Kolhapur by SRS Travels

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Travelling and vacations are a great way to rejuvenate. I prefer to travel with my friends and enjoy those precious moments of life that are usually missed in the hustle bustle of daily routine. Exploring new places was always so exciting for me, and when amalgamated with right opportunity and companionship, it is like a dream come true. After finalizing the destination, the next step for our group was to plan all the details of the vacation. We all decided to go for a budget vacation without spending much on conveyance or stay, but on exploring the sites. So, tickets were booked for bus travel from Mangalore to Kolhapur by SRS travels.

SRS Travels
SRS Travels | Image Resource : img9.imageshack.us

Travelling for me is to extend myself out of my comfort zone and to explore new places, meet new people, taste new and delicious cuisines and to learn about different cultures. I relate it as a way to expand my perspective along with collecting a bag of amazing moments that I cherish for the rest of my life.

This was one of such trip with two of my friends to a place that is a miraculous merger of Nature, History, Culture and Spirituality all at a single place-Kolhapur!!!

Kolhapur is a place that has a bit to proffer for almost every type of tourism. The favorable mediate climate and its expedient location is what makes Kolhapur a genuine choice to spend an enjoyable vacation.

Our journey was about to commence on the Friday evening. Our bus was scheduled to depart at 6pm and it was an eleven hour journey that was making us reach at our destination at 5am in the morning.

I packed my bags and some eateries for the travel, and reached the bus stop well ahead of time. I waited for my buddies, who all came within fifteen minutes. We all were very excited, after all this was our 4th trip together and we were expecting it to be a great and enjoyable trip like the earlier ones. Manish was all ready with his camera, like always! We settled ourselves in the SRS travels bus, and it started to the route for Kolhapur.


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