The Famous Monument : Charminar Hyderabad

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My last destination was the famous Muslim monument known as the Charminar Hyderabad. The monument was built way back in the year 1591 and was located in the old Hyderabad which was surrounded by a mosque and some other buildings. The landmark became one of the famous icons in the history of the country and Hyderabad was recognized because of this Charminar. The Charminar was located in the eastern bank of the river Musi. To the north-eastern side of the monument there is another famous mosque named the Makkah Masjid which was built of granite and richly ornamented. There was also the famous Lass Bazaar near to the Charminar and you can find different items in that place.

Charminar Hyderabad
Charminar Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The Charminar word came from the Urdu word Char and Minar which meant four towers and all the towers were connected together. This place was amongst the famous destinations in the country and everyday huge number of tourists and other locales visit the tower. However, according to historians there are lots of myths regarding the purpose of the structure. Some believed that the structure was built to cover the whole area and acted as a watch tower. However the Charminar is seen from the famous Golconda fort and it was exactly on the north side. From one of the towers of you can see the Golconda Fort quite clearly, though both places had some distances.

According to the Archaeological team of the country who was also the undertaker of the Charminar Hyderabad, it was built just to commemorate the plague. It was after Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah prayed to end the plague that ravaged the city. According to other this structure was built to mark the beginning of the second Islamic year. But the structure was fabulous and brilliantly built. It stood tall on its four towers and could be seen from far distances as well. With this my journey in this city ended and I wished to stay there for a few more days, but couldn’t as I had to get back to work. I hoped to come back again and visit many other places that I couldn’t explore during that trip.


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