My Stay In Hotel Delight Inn Hyderabad Was Pleasing

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After reaching Hyderabad I took an auto to the Hotel Delight Inn Hyderabad which was a few kilometers away from the Kacheguda Railway station. I prefer to book a hotel over the internet so that I can read the reviews and check the various amenities available in the hotel. The hotel Delight Inn was true by its services and had the reputation of offering the best hospitality along with modern facilities. The hotel was centrally located near Gachibowli. It was perfect for travelers like me who looked for stylish rooms within affordable prices. This helped me a lot and moreover the location of the hotel was close to some of the famous destinations in the city that I had planned to visit.

Hotel Delight Inn Hyderabad
Hotel Delight Inn Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The hotel was located just near to the Vijaybhaskar Reddy Botanical Garden which was approximately two kilometers away from the hotel. On the other side there was the Peddamma Temple which was merely seven kilometres. The Rock Park was around seven kilometers away from the hotel. After getting fresh, I planned to start my travel in the city. There were a few famous places surrounding my hotel and I planned to visit those places first. Some famous destinations were the Salar Jung Museum, AP state Archaeological Museum, Birla Temple, Golconda Fort and National Zoo.

The location of the Hotel Delight Inn Hyderabad was around 22 kilometers from the Secunderabad Railway station and around 32 kilometers from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It was perfect for any tourist who can stay at the hotel and enjoy the place for quite some time. The hotel offered lots of facilities such as internet connection, daily housekeeping, laundry services and many more. I enjoyed every bit of my stay in the hotel. Moreover the hotel staffs gave me guidance regarding the best tourist spots. The hotel offered car rentals through which any tourist could go for local sightseeing to various places. I knew that Hyderabad was famous for its Biriyanis and I decided to start my tour with this famous dish. I always loved tasty dishes and couldn’t miss out the chance of having Biriyani in its true form.


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