The Prestigious National Theatre : Ravindra Bharathi Hyderabad

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From the famous film studio I headed towards another prestigious theatre that created its own mark, known as the Ravindra Bharathi Hyderabad. The prestigious theatre was constructed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore who was the first Nobel Laureate during that period of time. The theatre was built to serve the cultural requirement of the state and was a famous spot in the city. The Ravindra Bharathi was commissioned for the centenary celebration of Rabindranath Tagore. However, the foundation stone was laid by Gopal Reddy and the Vice President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan on 23rd March 1960. It was later in the year 1961 when the theatre was declared open by the Vice President.

Ravindra Bharathi Hyderabad
Ravindra Bharathi Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The Theatre was spread over an area of 2,300 square yards and had the seating capacity of around 1100 seats. There were around 770 seats in the main auditorium whereas around 340 seats in the balcony. The structure was quite big and the area of the building was 105 inches in width, 48 inches in depth and 38 inch in height. The main stage had the 37 x 18 inch and 42 x 30 inch proscenium opening. All such depicted the structure and the strength of the building. The main stage was covered with huge curtains that were painted and it had side wings for rotatory movement. There were also the counter weight flies that helped for rapid changing of scenes.

In the Ravindra Bharathi Hyderabad there was also a mini theatre hall and conference hall that was constructed in the late period. I came to know that the hall was booked for various corporate events and functions. The experience with this massive theatre was interesting and wished to attend any of the acts, because it was really big enough. The mini theatre accommodated nearly 100 seats, which was fully equipped with the latest sound systems and green room. The mini stage was around 14.5 feet on the sides, 18.5 feet in depth and 10.5 feet in height. However the first floor was converted to a conference hall. From there I headed towards another historical building the Golconda Fort.


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