The Famous Botanical Gardens Hyderabad

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My next visit was the famous Botanical Gardens Hyderabad and it was around 16 kilometers away from the Hyderabad Railway station. It was developed by the forest Department and was near to the HITECH City, Madhapur. The garden was also known as the Kotla VijayaBhaskara Reddy Botanical Garden. The garden provided some of the modern day facilities that were effective to conserve many plants and also worked hard in educating the people. The garden was spread over 120 acres of land and once completed it was divided into 19 separate sectors. There were various medicinal plants, timber trees, aquatic plants, fruit trees, bamboos, ornamental plants and many more.

Botanical Gardens Hyderabad
Botanical Gardens Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The complete botanical garden was designed in such a way that it had large water bodies, meadows, forests, rock formations and grasslands. This was amongst the eco tourist destination for the travellers in that area. The place was quite familiar amongst the visitors. The Botanical Gardens was one of the most soothing areas in the city and anyone could have a great time there. The surrounding was completely peaceful and it was really good to get a view of the nature at its best. I captured a few snapshots with my camera. The palm and bamboo were few major attractions of that park.

Botanical Gardens Hyderabad
Botanical Gardens Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The botanical gardens Hyderabad had different types of of bamboo trees that were separated by a mere distance of three meters. Every detail was available regarding the name of the tree and the scientific names. The palm trees were diverse and different species so it was really demanding. However, there were variety of flowers in that complete area and it was really a good experience to spend some quality time in-between the nature.

Botanical Gardens Hyderabad
Botanical Gardens Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The yellow, purple cosmos, raselia, salvia were some of the common flowers that were found in that garden. This was a good experience and after spending some time I headed towards my next destination which was the Ramoji Film city which was famous throughout the country. The city was known for its planned structure and I was realizing it every moment. In one corner there was the area covering IT buildings and in other there were some heritage and historical structures.


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