The Historical Chow Mohalla Palace Hyderabad

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After spending some peaceful moments in the Birla Mandir, I visited the historical Chow Mohalla palace Hyderabad which was once regarded as the center of Hyderabad. The Palace was the seat for Asaf Jahi Dynasty. This was the place used by the Nizams for entertaining their guests and visitors. According to experts the Palace was built about 200 years ago and it was renowned and famous for its unique style and structure. The Palace had its own elegance which was meticulously stored. The Palace was amongst the famous destinations in the city and was under the heir of Barkat Ali Khan Mukarram Jah. The construction of the Palace started way back in the year 1750 and was finished within quick stance of time.

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The model and structure of this Palace were created from the famous Shah of Iran Palace in Tehran. Some extremely unique styles and designs were followed at the time of building the structure. I came to know that the complete Palace was spread over 45 acres of land, but later on it was cut short to an area of 14 acres. The Palace had two courtyards, one in in the southern direction and another in the northern direction. There were very few elegant palaces in the entire area and the Dharbar Hall was brilliantly designed with lights and fountains. Some of the area was covered by garden and it was really enchanting to pass sometime in the palace.

I learnt that the Chow Mohalla palace Hyderabad was given the prestigious Asia Pacific Merit award, which was meant for cultural heritage preservation in the year 2010. The Palace was then open for some corporations and other individuals so that they could host dinners, cultural evenings and receptions. The building structure and other architectures were just unique and it showed the design and style that was favoured by the Nizams that period. The experience in the palace was quite unique and I was enjoying every bit of my stay in the Palace. I had to leave the place early as I had many places to cover in a short time. Next, I decided to visit the famous Botanical Garden in Hyderabad. I took a few pictures at the Palace and then moved towards the garden which was around five kilometers from the Chow Mohalla Palace.


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