My Visit to The Holy Birla Temple Hyderabad

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I started my visit with the Birla temple Hyderabad which was located in the proper city itself. The temple was built around 280 feet or 85 meters above the hill which was also known as the Naubath Pahad and it was spread over 13 acres of land. The construction of the temple took around ten years and it was constructed in the year 1976 by Swami Ranganathananda. The construction was completely funded by Ramakrishna Mission and the organisation had their campus near to the temple. The temple was situated in the proper city and on the northern side I could see the Husain Sagar. The Husain Sagar was one of the man-made lakes that were built by the Nizams to store water and meet the needs during summer days.

From the Birla temple you could clearly see the big idol of Lord Mahavira which was constructed in the middle of Husain Sagar. It was during the Nizam rue that such a massive construction was done. Though there many Birla Temples spread all over the country, I could see why the one in Hyderabad was more famous than the others. The temple architecture resembled that of the Rajasthani, Utkala and Dravidian architectures. It was a blend of all such architectures and was constructed with 2000 tons of white marbles. The idol of Lord Venkateswara was about 11 ft tall and there was a lotus umbrella at the top.

There were no traditional bells that were normally found in Hindu temples, this was because Swami Ranganathananda wanted to make the atmosphere suitable for meditation. I could see a huge number of tourists had visited the place and it was completely under the surveillance of closed circuit cameras and security personals. Just few meters away from the temple, was the Lumbini Park, which was attacked by suicide bombers a few years ago. In order to prevent such acts the complete area was covered by well trained officers. However the Birla temple Hyderabad was really amazing and the location of the temple made it much more pleasant. From there I headed towards the famous and historical location, the Chow Mallah Palace, which was built by the Nizam of Hyderabad.


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