My train travel from Bangalore (SBC) to Kacheguda (KCG) by Kacheguda express

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Being a travel enthusiast, I always loved visiting new places. On weekends or extended weekends I used to plan a trip in any new place and loved to visit those places. Last time I planned to travel to Hyderabad and accordingly boarded the train travel from Bangalore (SBC) to Kacheguda (KCG) by Kacheguda express. The distance between Bangalore and Hyderabad was around 620 kilometres and it took twelve hours to reach there. My train was scheduled to leave from Bangalore city junction at around 6:20 pm and accordingly I reached the destination an hour prior to my travel. It was my weekend trip and I planned to visit some of the famous destinations in the city in a short time.

Kacheguda Express
Kacheguda Express | Image Resource :

Before boarding the train, I decided to buy few magazines and that helped me to pass time in the train. The train was on time and accordingly I settled for my berth. I made myself comfortable as it was a night long travel. There were a few college students besides my berth and they happened to visit Bangalore for a college internship. So I was able to get some company and started knowing about their internship and other details. It is always good to find someone in the train which makes your travel quite easy and comfortable. They gave me info about a few places which were quite famous in Hyderabad with roads maps. This eased some of my tension and I was really thankful to them.

Normally in trains, dinner was served quite early and I too had my dinner in the train. The food was good and full of south Indian recipes. The railway staffs were quite helping and it was really a good experience in my train travel from Bangalore (SBC) to Kacheguda (KCG) by Kacheguda express. Those college guys gave me their number and asked me to take any of their help. It was a real good gesture and I hoped to stay in touch with them. Meanwhile the train reached Kacheguda station in due time. It was early in the morning and I decided to have some breakfast and start my journey in Hyderabad. I took an auto to my hotel which was just few kilometres away from the station.


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