Athisayam Water Amusement Park Madurai – A Place Full of Fun and Excitement

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We reached Madurai at night and on the next day we got up at 7 in the morning and had bath and breakfast. We had plans for visiting Athisayam Water Amusement Park Madurai but did not know how far it is from the hotel. We were told at the travel desk that it is only about 8 km from the hotel. As the park opened only at 10 am, we decided to start from the hotel at 9.30 am.

Athisayam Water Amusement Park Madurai
Athisayam Water Amusement Park Madurai I Image Resource :

We reached the park on time and took tickets to get inside. The entry fee was Rs.300 per person. It is a big park sprawled over an area of more than 40 acres and is divided into Dry Park and Water Park. The park started functioning from 2000 and is a perfect place to spend a day with lots of fun and excitement. Children will love various rides and water games provided in the park, as well as the food.

First we went to the Dry Park. Here we saw a lot of rides, some for small children and others for bigger kids and adults. Aged at 27, I am still a kid at heart. We went for most of the rides in the park. First we went on the Columbus, which is a pirate ship that moves back and forth like a pendulum. It made me dizzy but we all enjoyed it. We also had a ride on Toro Tora, Cup and Saucer, swing hair, baby train and Super Trooper.

After having lunch in one of the restaurants in the park, we went to the Water Park. At the entrance itself we were all drenched with a splash of water. At SindhuBath I could see a lot of kids enjoying like never before. Big Splash is another attraction here, although it makes you breathless for a second. Wave pool is a place where lots of people come to enjoy. We also had other water rides like Crazy river slide and Free fall fast. The river ride around the park was really very relaxing. We spent our time enjoying at the park till it was 6.30, the time to close the park.


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