Travel from Mangalore to Madurai By Dadar Ten Express

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Hello Friends, here I am back with another account of my travel. As you know, I love travelling with buddies and indulge in outdoor activities like trekking and camping. Being a nature lover I also visit national parks and sanctuaries. This time I planned to visit Madurai with my friends. I have a lot about the Madurai and was eager to reach place. Opting for budget travel, we chose to travel from Mangalore (MAJN) to Madurai (MDU) by Dadar Ten Express.

Dadar Ten Express
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The scheduled time of departure of the train was 12.15 pm. I had tickets booked for the four of us a week in advance and got seats in three-tier AC. On the day of the journey I had my bags packed and arranged a taxi to take me to the railway station as it was quite far from my house. I picked two of my friends on the way and reached the railway station by 11.30 pm. We were soon joined by my third friend and sat down waiting for the train.

Soon the announcement came that the train would arrive in 5 minutes. As there was halt for 10 minutes at the station, we were in no hurry. The train arrived at the correct time and we got inside with other passengers. We got two upper berths and two middle berths. The train left the station and we sat down on our allotted seats, looking for our fellow passengers. I saw that an elderly couple occupied the other two seats. They said that they were going to Erode to visit their daughter who was living there.

We had our lunch that was packed from home and then had a nap. In the evening we all had a cup of coffee and snacks. The train arrived at Erode Junction at 9.30 pm and we helped the couple in taking out the baggage, and met their son-in-law who came to take them. It was 12.40 am by the time we reached Madurai. There was the cab sent from the hotel waiting at the station and we were soon on our way to the hotel, having enjoyed our travel from Mangalore to Madurai by Dadar Ten Express.


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