Jew Town Kochi – Another Landmark

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It seemed we had reached the final attraction to visit in Kochi because the next day we had plans to return from where we started, back to our busy lives, away from the relaxed atmosphere that Kochi provided us with. Yet, it is not over till it is over, they say so and we were here in the Jew Town Kochi to make another experience memorable. It is spread over a couple of streets between the Dutch palace and the Pardesi synagogue.

Jew Town Kochi
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The town is largely known for the Pardesi synagogue which allows people to visit it at the meager sum of 5 rupees. But more than the glorious remnants of the synagogue what caught my attention were the shops and the vendors who sell almost everything under the sun. The objects at sale here range from trinkets and souvenirs to spices, which is the highlighted item up for grabs. There were pots and pans, rugs and carpets, mirrors and glasses, and every conceivable item with the sellers jostling and vying for our attention. There was a distinct medieval feel to the place and an unmistakable buzz about it that one cannot miss. If truth be told I had never seen such a market where curios, knick knacks and all things vintage, from garments to collectibles find buyers and the sellers too enthusiastically call out for sales. The sophistication of modern day buying I guess just went out of the window!

Such was the captivating quality of the place and Kochi that my friends and I hold on tight to all its memories, all places visited and things witnessed that they would surely remain forever embedded in our minds. As we retired to the hotel from the Jew Town Kochi, the chatty driver too seemed at a lack of things to say for Kochi and its people had opened their hearts bare for us tourists to soak in all that it had to offer. I, Varun Shenoy will return to my life tomorrow just as I am but I guess I just had a better and happier and more contented experience of my lifetime.


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