A.V.Residency Kochi – A Tourist’s Haven

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Ramesh was the attendant at the station who picked us up at the Ernakulam Railway station. He was a short stout man and directed us to the vehicle, which took us to A.V.Residency Kochi. Having slept through the journey in the train, we felt rested and refreshed and were eager to look around and know more about the place. Since the hotel was only 3 kilometers away from the station, we reached there in no time at all. The hotel front façade was quite impressive and I received a pat on my back for choosing it for my friends. Obviously I had only seen a few pictures of the hotel on the internet but it seemed quite comfortable.

Situated in St. Benedict Road, this hotel belonged to the A.V. Group and was a new property as it opened its doors for tourists only 3 years back. The newer establishments not only are more equipped with modern amenities but also come with an assured eagerness to please the guests. And so the 24-hour check-in facility was appreciable. The lady at the reception greeted us with a smile and while my friends sat on the sofa and waited, I finished the formalities. There were deluxe non air-conditioned rooms and deluxe air-conditioned rooms but I had already opted for the air-conditioned rooms as I never mind spending an extra buck for comfort. Spending 1600 rupees for the AC rooms meant spending just 350 rupees more than that for the non-AC rooms.

A.V.Residency Kochi
A.V.Residency Kochi I Image Resource : mghworld.net

Light luggage proved a boon for us for there was no lift in the A.V.Residency Kochi, yet the friendliness of the staff bowled us over. The rooms were all that was promised to us – nicely furnished, clean and inviting. All I needed now was a hot shower. The hotel lacked a restaurant for sure but the ordered menu in the rooms had plenty to choose from. All my friends gathered in my room and we decided on what to eat. While we waited for our meal the discussion as usual reverted to all things related to our professions. I guess some things we are just married to! Yet, delicious food saved the rest of the evening with the Kerala food culture dominating our discussion.

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