Prayers at the Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Kochi

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The day began and we needed to function fast. My friend had requested us to visit the Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Kochi, which was largely the reason why he tagged along with us. He needed to worship first thing in the morning and in view of this, we postponed breakfast and gathered to leave for the temple. The temple is in the Kottayam district.

Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Kochi Entrance
Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Kochi Entrance I Image Resource :

The pre-booked rental taxi fetched us from the hotel to the temple and our guide cum driver kept his chatter on informing us all that there was to know about the temple. Significantly the temple is one of the three Shiva temples believed to be very sacred. It is a more than a thousand years old I gathered, and the legend says that the Shiva Linga placed here was as a result of great penance by Saint ‘Khara Prakasha’. The truly glory and sanctity of the temple comes alive during its annual festival when processions and parades have the golden elephant on display with all its grandeur. Yet, even on a given day the temple is frequented by thousands seeking blessings.

Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Kochi
Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Kochi I Image Resource :

The constant narration of the driver kept us glued until we reached the temple and we were truly mesmerized by what we saw. Sculptures belonging to the ancient era dotted its façade making it absolutely eye-catching. The high murals, sacred lake inside the temple premise, the uniqueness of the architecture, all stood testimony to the vast cultural heritage that we have. An unexplained sense of serenity and divinity filled our beings. The mural paintings, the ornamental tops, the ‘gopurams’ of the Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Kochi were spell binding. Impressively it is the only place where true Malayalam is spoken. Pity the non Hindus are barred from entering the temple proper. We take our time looking around and with all our intensity pray with our friend for our families and good fortune. Heaven seemed to have been extra kind to us because as we exit we leave with a calmer conscience. Next stop is the Hill Palace of Tripunithura, a museum of relevance. Let us check that out too.


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