The Thrills In Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi

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As patrons of adventure and perennial thrill seekers how could we not but get ourselves tickets to the Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi. A prior memorable trip to the Bangalore branch of this park braced us for all the fun that awaited us. Our rental taxi driver stated that the drive to this park was just 15 kilometers from the main city.

We reached the premise with abated breath and purchased our tickets at the counter at about 510 rupees each. Like most amusement parks, there were various categories of rides in the park. Some were meant for kids while others required being above a certain age. There were water rides and dry rides as well. But our interest was primarily on the high thrill ones. Yet, it did not go unnoticed that the kids’ rides took all precautionary steps to ensure that the experience for everyone was safe and enjoyable. The Vintage-Tornado, Twin Flip Monster, Wavy and Vertical Fall were the ones that we indulged in. Roller coasters in high speed pushed us to our limits till we screamed like adolescents and feared each turn and fall but loved every bit of it.

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The dry rides in the park included the Hang Glider, Wind Mill, Dancing Cars, and others. The park was clean, eco-friendly and at par with international standards. The park map helped us locate all the rides so that we could find our way in the park. There were groups of school children apart from the other tourists who, I am sure availed the group rates economizing the whole experience. Families walked around with children shrieking at the sight of the next fun ride. We steered clear of the water rides as we had no extra change of clothes, but we did see boys and girls drenched in water feeling both queasy and thrilled at the same time. The park was quite crowded since we entered the park rather late but the maze of smiling faces and the excitement made us quite happy. The time was running out as our plan required us to be at Marine Drive to experience our next happy moment and leave Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi for may be another time.


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