Some Thrilling Moments in the Naval Aviation Museum

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We were almost in the last lap of my five days vacation in Goa. However, visiting the naval aviation museum laid top in the priority of my itinerary list. Being a passionate traveler, I loved collecting information on the architecture art and culture of India. Our purpose of visiting the museum is inclined to interest and love for planes and aviation sector developed from watching movies.

Naval Aviation Museum Goa
Naval Aviation Museum Goa I Image Resource :

The Museum is situated in Dabolim Airport, on the south side and is a property of Naval military. The public is allowed to visit the Museum any day, except Monday collecting a small amount of Rs.20 as admission fee. We reached the museum at 9.45 as we collected the information that the museum opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. We were allowed to take our cameras and mobiles inside the museum by paying an additional fee for camera. The museum offered artifacts everywhere that is divided into indoor gallery and outdoor exhibit.

Once we were inside the museum, I made a sincere effort to learn some the important aspects of the wars in which the Indian Air force and naval force took part. The gallery is segregated into rooms that are categorised to showcase arms, weapons, battle weapons attached to submarines, and so on. It also showcased the transformation of uniforms wore by the Naval and Air force officers for years. I was attracted to some of the photographs that offered semblance to the history of post Independence India.

I was thrilled to see the large models of INS Vikarant and INS Viraat displayed in the museum. These were only read and seen in newspapers and on TV all these days. It was a proud moment as we all stood looking at it in detail. As we walked though the big garden, we enjoyed the aircraft and aircraft engine, which were kept for the visitors. Most of them were old and some even dated back to 1940s. We got into one aircraft and took photographs. Next, we strolled in the garden, which was well maintained, tidy and clean. We finished our visit and were in high sprits though exhausted.


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