Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa

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After spending time at the beach we decided to go to Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa. We took bikes that we rented from the hotel because we were told that it was the best way to explore the sanctuary. It is located in South Goa, in the Canacona Taluk. Travelling with my friends, I reached the sanctuary at 8 in the morning. At the entrance of the sanctuary we saw a nature interpretation center, where we got many tips regarding our visit to the sanctuary. There was also a library, many cottages, a children’s park, toilets, canteen and the forest ranger’s office. The entrance fee was Rs.25 per person. We had to pay an extra fee of Rs.25 for the bike.

Inside the sanctuary, it was very cool and quiet. There were dense forests with trees as tall as 30 meters in height. There were many trails in the sanctuary that allows one to explore the sanctuary. We took one hoping to see some animals on the way. The path was a very spectacular one with trees on both sides. The trees were so dense that we could hardly see what lay beyond. On some places they formed a canopy, allowing little light to penetrate in. As a nature lover, I enjoyed the trip. However, we did not come across any animals other than a few monkeys and birds.

By noon we were hungry and did not know where to find a restaurant. Luckily we came across one and had lunch. We also bought a few bottles of water from there and set off again. Camping facilities were also provided in the sanctuary but we decided against it fearing the bites of mosquitoes.

We were told that there is a treetop watch tower in the sanctuary, which is located about 25 meters above the waterhole. Here the animals came to drink water. We searched for it and at last found it. But we were not lucky and did not see any animals. We returned by 5 pm. Although we did not see many animals there, the trip to Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary was fun and we enjoyed the beauty of nature.


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