Rice with Fish Curry at Goa Beach is a New Experience

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Goa is the right place for youngsters like me who love traveling with buddies and spending time trekking and on other adventure sports. As we were already staying in a budget hotel, we visited the beaches of Goa and many other places. With numerous beaches here, it was fun going around visiting each one. Some beaches were very crowded and we could hardly walk around. While walking on the beaches one of my friend suggested to taste the Rice with Fish Curry in Goa which is very famous. The rice with fish curry at Goa beach is something that we will never forget.

Rice With Fish Curry At Goa Beach
Rice With Fish Curry At Goa Beach I Image Resource : flickr.com

Being crazy about food and cuisine, we were soon hungry and went in search of a restaurant. On the way, we saw the boy and we bought peanuts from him and asked him if there was a good restaurant. He pointed us a beach side restaurant and said that the food there was very popular with the local people. We went towards the restaurant and got in. It was a simple one, but looked neat and well kept. As fish was very common here, we ordered rice and fish curry. Soon the waiter came up with four plates of steaming rice and fish curry, pickles and some other side dishes.

The fish used in was Pomfret and when we asked about the recipe of the curry to the hotel owner explained the recipe of the fish curry. The rich aroma of the fish curry was really mouth watering. We sat down for a while under the beach umbrella and enjoyed our rice and fish curry watching the tourists passing by.  The fish curry was so tasty that we had more rice than we usually had.

There were tourists sitting on the beach and some taking a dip in the sea. A few children were playing with a football. The cool breeze from the sea was really very soothing in the sun. Later we went in to the sea and stayed in the water for some time. The water sparkled with the light of the sun and it was very cool. All the fatigue was washed away by the water.


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