The Flea Market in Goa – A Touring Shopper’s Delight!

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During this delightful holiday in Goa, I woke up to a warm Wednesday in the month of December and looked into the list of places that I could visit and spend the day ahead. Topping my list was the Flea Market that day.

The Flea Market In Goa
The Flea Market In Goa I Image Resource :

I was really excited to think about the idea of spending the day or at least the morning at the flea market as I love shopping. My friends tend to think I am a shopaholic too. I grabbed a quick bite of a sandwich and gulped down some juice and set out for the day.

The Wednesday flea market is located on the Anjuna Beach, which is in South Goa. It stretches along the sands of the beach and the prospect of shopping at a beach overwhelmed my shopping spirits.

When I asked around, they said the market was open during the peak tourist seasons of October through April and it functioned only on Wednesdays. In the olden days, the market was mainly intended for hippies and tourists who decided to make a quick buck by selling some items.

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As I looked through the shops and stalls in the market, I saw a variety of spices, accessories, tea, coffee and a lot of other locally made items selling like hot cakes. It so happens that tourists from other countries who frequent to Goa have their own stalls and kiosks where they sell the items they make, back at home.

There are souvenir shops here and there along with other items. As many tourists and foreigners sell their products here, one can find many imported items and designs on sale here. You need all the patience and smart to buy stuff here.The more you bargain, the lesser the price you pay. In case you are not stubborn on a reasonable price, then people tend to convince you otherwise. If you are stubborn, then people tend to come for negotiations on the price. On the whole, the flea market Goa is a nice place to be as well as buy things that are made locally. Do try to visit on a Wednesday.


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