Sri Ramnath Temple Goa – A Place for Innermost Satisfaction

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I reached Goa, traveling with 5 buddies in the morning and as I have mentioned this is my best pastime when I am not into any accounts related work. Goa is a beautiful place with a variety of cultures and look out points. Contrary to what people basically think about the religious values of Goa that it is a Christian-dominated place, the state also envisions few of the best temples of the country.

We in a group of five people booked a dormitory and relaxed fro some time. After breakfast in the morning we decided to visit the Ramnath temple in Goa which is very famous for its beliefs that is derived from Lord Rama. The temple is located at about 22 kilometers away from the state capital Panaji. We took a bus to the temple from the central bus stand at Panaji.

Sri Ramnath Temple Goa
Sri Ramnath Temple Goa I Image Resource :

The interior of the temple was so beautiful that it took few minutes to relocate our eyes to other stuffs there. The silver lining and stone carving in the interior of the sanctum sanctorum is a treat to the eyes of the visitors. There is a grand hall inside the temple with a gallery specially meant for ladies. The doors within the compound of the temple display some of the beautiful carvings that depict images of devotees worshipping the Shiva Linga. Another outstanding silver metal work depicts Lord Vishnu sitting over a coiled snake and Goddess Lakshmi sitting beneath him. The amiable and placid surrounding within the temple is so calling that it was hard for all of us to bid good bye to the amazing visit to the temple.

The environment within the Ramnath temple in Goa is very much captivating and enchanting. The enormous festivals of this place, caravans and sea food have always attracted me towards itself .The scenic beauty of the surroundings made us exciting and we spent some time looking at it. Being a true friend of adventure activities, it was a different day for me. But I enjoyed it a lot and kept fine memories in my memory card to cherish it for a long time.


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