Train Travel from Mangalore to Goa by Sampark Kranthi Express – A Fun Filled Joy Ride

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I traveled to Goa last year when the winter was about to arrive. The sun-kissed beaches of Goa have always attracted me towards itself. Even though the place enjoys fine climate throughout the year, but the best time to visit is during the spring and winter. Numerous festivals and occasions are celebrated on the streets of Goa that attract crowd in a good number. I traveled to Goa from Mangalore by the Sampark Kranti Express, which started from Mangalore at 8:30 p.m. in the night. A total of six hours of journey and we arrived at Goa in the midnight at about 1:30 am. in the Madgaon Station. The train originates from Kochiveli and the last destination is Chandigarh.

Sampark Kranthi Express
Sampark Kranthi Express I Image Resource :

We had booked tickets in the sleeper class compartment. The interior of the train was well furnished with good quality seats and berths. The entire journey inside the train was fun-filled as all of us enjoyed within the train by playing cards and gossiping. The food served in the train was up to the mark and I couldn’t find any fault in it. Owing to our tight budget, we restricted ourselves to traveling in basic sleeper class compartment.

Train journeys have always fascinated me because they give the view of the vast landscapes and terrains of the country. And it is very much economical for common people like us who cannot afford traveling in flights for short term plans. Goa is known for its rich variety of colorful festivals, beaches, churches and temples. We tried to visit Goa in time of some winter carnival. The fun and frolic could be seen on the streets of the entire state. Colorful dresses, masks, music, dance and huge parade is the essence of Goan celebration of festivals. My trip to Goa by the Sampark Kranti Express added to joy because this particular train is very much economical and yet comfortable. It also helped me to find some friends among the families who traveled in our compartment. I would recommend Sampark Kranti Express to everyone who wishes to travel within a fixed budget and enjoy the varieties of services in the train.


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